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    Become a member of Flare


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    Become a member of Flare

    Beitrag  Admin am Do Feb 26, 2009 1:39 pm

    You are interested in us and want to become a member? Then there is to know the following:

    The application seeks to fulfill the purpose that we get to know you better and also just those who are not online as often as might be something about you can read.
    Here are a few tips for an interesting application:

    - What is your character?
    - Why do you want specifically to flare?
    - How and through whom did you know us?
    - Are you a great player or just a occasional gamer?
    - Are you passionate PvPler, Crafter, or rather passion level, you are more at events and role-playing?
    - What you hope or expect from you and the Guild of Atlantica Online?

    You should of course you like the publicly available information from the forum view and especially read the guild rules and agree to them. Have you made your application here, it is among the members discussed and then decided on a recording.

    After your application is in the public part of the Forum in the internal field can be moved and we hope to welcome you there.

    - Admin

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