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    Shangrila the nation introduces itself


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    Shangrila the nation introduces itself

    Beitrag  Admin am Fr März 20, 2009 12:48 am

    How it all began ...

    ... we are slowly turning the wheel of time back in a world in which our fate of an individual by the sword was determined.
    Atlantis .. was a flourishing and rich civilization, but the discovery of the substance Oriharukon destroyed the peaceful coexistence of the various guilds. Oriharukon was scarce and it flared up a competition for power and control over this mysterious material.
    The greed for Oriharukon and its magical power over the country with numerous battles.
    In a small village called Amdo in the highlands of the present Chinese province of Qinghai lived Melora, a young man at his birth his parents lost in this war.
    Grew up in a monastery, he learned to fight with the sword, and a lot about the old culture Atlantis.
    To his knowledge with the aim again of the spirit and the culture of the ancient Atlantis to obtain, he traveled to Kyoto.
    On the way there he joined other soldiers who shared his thoughts.
    Arrived in Kyoto, he founded the Guild of fire fighters.
    The guild grew and grew.
    New and old guilds were in course of time to Melora by his deeds carefully.
    On a warm spring morning accompanied by the scent and the beauty of the church gathered the flowers Guild - Leader and joined to a strong nation.

    The birth of the
    Shangrila Nation
    was done.

    Shangrila Now offers the nation a community for new and existing Guild and also for every new traveler in the world of Atlantica.
    By helping each other no one has hard to navigate Atlantica or its ability to develop and improve.

    Current Guild of Shangrila Country:

    Fire Warrior
    Steel Thunderstorms

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